Panic Horse

Panic Horse

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The fashionable doll and friends

These 21 inch full-figured dolls wear elaborate formal gowns and fancy accessories. They are similar to fashion dolls that took the doll market by storm in the 1950’s. Many early fashion dolls were created from hard plastic with glued on wigs for hair and even some legs or arms with joints...remind you of any common doll today? Smaller fashion dolls of about 6-9inches were very popular and magazines like Cosmopolitan and Vogue created their own dolls to accompany magazines. Dolls came with outfits and these could be swapped and treasured by the owner and serve as a historical reference of fashions of the day.

Dolls above by Andrew Yang, who has created a line of “supermodel” rag dolls dressed in miniature versions of Spring 2010 designs. The dolls sell for around $600.

Today, original fashion dolls are worth a mint if kept in pristine condition, however they were great toys at their time of creation as well as functioning as fashionable accompaniments. Barbie became the most popular doll of the time and helped end the attention to detail that was first included in fashion dolls. There is evidence to suggest fashion dolls were around in 1396 to display dresses for royalty. Fashion dolls became a high part of the fashion trade in the 17th Century as French designers would send dolls displaying miniature versions of their designs to England, Germany, Spain and Italy!
Their miniature size was useful in the depression’s as it meant less fabric wastage.

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