Panic Horse

Panic Horse

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blogs… do they really have an impact?

A blog is a website set up by anyone for almost any purpose. These blogs can advertise products like (which advertises new arrivals for the pigeonhole stores), share ones thoughts through poetry and random articles like or display pretty picture upon picture or fashionable images and fantastic outfits such as

Blogs are becoming increasingly popular and it seems most people have one. They are free and simple to set up and who doesn’t want to post their thoughts and pictures on the internet for all to see with a simple click of a button and internet service!

Some may say that blogs are the new magazine or even zine but I think they will never replace either form of media. Things on the internet can almost seem too accessible and common whereas a zine is handmade and a magazine (and zine) can be flicked through, not just stared at in awe.

aamener is also on the blogscene (you are witnessing it now...) The benefits of a blog are its accessibility, the ease that one hyperlink can show the reader a whole page to reference and admire other people’s blogs or photos and the flexibility involved with uploading more thoughts, articles and photos whenever and not needing to create a whole new zine!

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