Panic Horse

Panic Horse

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fad, Trend or Classic?

Fashion is constantly changing, repeating and attempting to be become better every season. Some fashion styles gain a place in history
...and some don’t.
A fad is something that is followed for a short period of time but with great enthusiasm. A few years ago fluoro, slogan and oversized tee shirts were extremely popular with young teenagers but thank goodness they are now hidden away or only brought out at 80’s parties (I suppose they were sort of a short lived trend repeat). Another example of a fad has been the use of zips on the outside of clothes as an obvious trimming. Many fads begin on the catwalk and are mimicked to death by other mass producing companies. Other fads come about by the “bubble up” method of kids on the street beginning their own styles which are mimicked by designers such as low, baggy jeans worn by poor children originally but now sported by rappers such as Snoop Dogg.

A trend is similar to a fad, except a trend stays popular for longer. Some good examples of a trend are skinny leg jeans, ripped jeans with stone wash or jeans in general. Today, trousers are mimicking the drainpipe style of those which were popular in the 1950’s and worn by stars such as Marilyn Monroe and bands such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones (which gave the slim fitting jeans the “bad boy” image). Trousers of similar shape remained popular until the 70’s as a contrasting statement against the hippie’s and their flared pants. Kate Moss and The Strokes can be credited with the revival of skinny legged pants and jeans in the 2000’s.

Chanel is the best example of classic fashion. Her simple trouser designs in basic colours like cream and white, nautical inspired striped shirts, patent shoes and the ever classic and popular “little black dress” can be credited to her. A Classic item of clothing will potentially be forever stylish, if the wearer has style to accompany it. Chanel began such designs using the trickle down method as she was a fashion designer who was highly influential; her designs were also popular as they freed women from frills (and corset’s)

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