Panic Horse

Panic Horse

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

dolls undressed, a brief history and an introduction to their personalities... their clothes are in my zine, get hold of my zine to dress them!

The humble paper doll drawn on paper and accompanied by clothes to cut out was first manufactured in 1810, Little Fanny, produced by S&J Fuller, London.

Soon to appear in America was The History and Adventures of Little Henry, published by J. Belcher of Boston in 1812.
While the London doll was the first manufactured doll, there is evidence dating back to 900 AD in Japan at an ancient purification ceremony where a doll was dressed in a kimono and set to sea in a boat.

Record of the dolls being used for the “entertainment of wealthy adults” dates back to the 1700’s in the fashion centres of Vienna, Berlin, London and Paris.
Paper dolls provide an insight into fashion. They hold the trends of when they were created.