Panic Horse

Panic Horse

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Top ten of 2010/11...

Top ten of 2010/11

-Manipulated fabric by draping (see Lanvin top right)
-Sheer fabric (Akira above as an example)

- "peek a boo" sections that reveal skin (Akira above and Viktor &Rolf below)

-Tailored jackets with defined shoulders (Sonia Rykiel see below)

-Pastel colours like beige, peach and green. Olive tones. Hints of metallic. Gradients in colour

-Bold and subtle prints inspired by nature like trees, feathers and animals

-Tailored trousers with skinny ankles (Seen at New York Fashion week by TSE&Jason Wu)

-Ruffles of fabric, in single form or as many (See Lanvin at top)

-Emphasised shoulders and waist (hourglass shape as seen by Alexander McQueen)

-Vintage looks with lace or embroidery (seen below by Valentino)

Bottom ten of 1010/11

-Gladiator sandals
-Too many sequins
-Fluorescent colours
-leggings with short tops
-cropped jackets
-wide leg jeans
-mini skirts
-cowboy boots
-too many zips
-bags with large labels

a mener

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  1. I liked seeing the gladiator sandals. But maybe it was just because they took me back to my younger years! Admittedly they are not the easiest shoe to take on and off.